New Vision Medical University, Georgia

There is an ideal place for everything. Georgia is the best place to pursue MBBS from. There are many students coming from abroad to study MBBS there every year. MBBS in Georgia is getting bigger and better attention with every year passing by. Georgia has become the booming hub for all MBBS aspirants over the world. There are many universities in Georgia providing world class education to all the students. One of those universities is New Vision Medical University, Georgia. The MBBS education is absolutely based on the norms of the university which have been formulated effectively.

New Vision Medical University, Georgia, as goes by the name, has clear vision and mission. Their mission is to take the university at university standards. So that it provides qualitative education to get the best possible results. The location of the university is the heart of Georgia,i.e Tbilisi. They are targeting the overseas crowd by offering world class education with utmost professionalism. Formed in the year of 2013, it has more than 400 professors and 1000 students from across the globe. Their aim is to establish humanity and create work-oriented future doctors.

Establishment of New Vision Medical University, Georgia

  • The university was established in the year of 2013.

Key Features of New Vision Medical University, Georgia

  • The newly formed University has already gained a lot of attention and name.
  • The university wants to create an innovative environment to ensure and serve positively
  • It serves to the society on national and international platforms
  • To provide economic growth and stability by creating educational values
  • It aims to build student-oriented, value creating education system and lifelong opportunities
  • To expand vision to promote the research and innovation through their educational structure
  • To collaborate with multiple stakeholders to join hands mutually for the promotion of healthcare in the society
  • To contribute for the welfare of the society with help of their innovative values and skilled technicalities
  • They treat every MBBS students equally
  • They promote the value of equality and access to education for everyone around the world
  • They aim to build the biggest English-speaking culture to improve diversity and multicultural people
  • To facilitate higher education as the ideal motive to make sure there is student engagement and collaboration
  • The MBBS course fee of New Vision Medical University, Georgia is quite affordable
  • They have 400 professors and has the best faculty.
  • They aim to strengthen their core value in the field of medicine
  • They have excellent hostel facilities as well and the living expense there is quite economical

World Ranking of New Vision University, Georgia

  • The world ranking of New Vision University, Georgia is 10800.

Indian Students Studying at New Vision University, Georgia

The New Vision University, Georgia has a lot of features that is ideal for Indian Students. Here are some of the best features-

  • Indian students who have passed out from NVU, or is still studying here has given good ratings
  • Indian students are exposed to world class MBBS education here in Georgia
  • The fee structure of NVU is quite affordable and cheaper in comparison to other places
  • MBBS in India is quite a challenge for all the Indian students for a number of reasons
  • There is heavy competition when it comes to MBBS admission in India
  • Many students do not get the opportunity to study MBBS in India because of that.
  • Then, the fee structure of the MBBS universities in India are also too high
  • You have to give donations for MBBS admission in India
  • In Georgia, there is no such competition as admission is on basis of first come first serve.
  • The fee structure of New Vision University is very affordable and cheaper than in India
  • There is donation required to study MBBS in Georgia
  • The weather condition in Georgia is perfect for all Indian students
  • The hostel fee and the living expense here in NVU is also very economical
  • You will not face any issue regarding food here in this university
  • You can also get Indian food here in case you crave for something homely
  • The hostels in NVU are equipped with all the necessary amenities required by the students
  • The MBBS courses in NVU are detailed and is the best for all aspirants
  • NVU is accredited by eminent bodies across the world such as MCI, WHO, FAIMER, and so on
  • The degrees of MBBS from NVU is accepted worldwide
  • Students can practice medical in India and anywhere in the world
  • The teaching medium of NVU is English and they emphasize of making English speaking more important
  • The overall admission process of NVU, Georgia is quite easy and convenient
  • Their style of MBBS education is more inclined towards practical education

Accreditation of New Vision Medical University in Georgia

  • The university is accredited by eminent medical bodies such as MCI, WHO and so on.

Duration of MBBS in New Vision Medical University, Georgia

  • The duration of MBBS course in NVU is 6 years
  • The course has an internship program as well, that is included in the total 6 years