Living in Australia

You will find this section a useful guide to living in the Australia throughout your stay in Australia. It explains everything from the basics, such the Australia climate, monetary and banking system, to the intricacies of clothing, Travel and Transport etc.

Monetary & Banking System In Australia


Your Budget should include the cost of food, rent, clothing, travel and of course entertainment.

For an International student studying in College or University, approximately AUSD 320 should cover a week’s expenses of the above including a few extras such as telephones and incidentals.

School children would require less, approx. AUSD 265 per week for the same overheads.

However, individual lifestyles and location could influence this estimate, which is only a fair indicative of an average international student’s lifestyle.

Money and Banks

The only legal tender is Australian currency. One can change any international currency to the Australian currency at registered forex facilities available at the airport, banks, major hotels and even some malls.

Traveller cheques are more easily accepted if already made out in AUS dollars. However other currency TCs may be cashed in at banks, hotels etc.

Once a student has made themselves comfortable, it is a good idea to open an account with a local bank branch. Several banks both of Australian origin as well as from other countries are represented here and so the banking services can be quite competitive.

Day to day banking has become very easy in Australia too, as it has all over the world, with Automatic Teller Machines (ATM), 24 hour banking being available as well the acceptance of credit and debit cards at most shopping outlets including grocery and convenience stores.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are widely accepted around Australia. The most commonly accepted credit cards are American Express, Bank card, Diners International, Master Card, Visa and their affiliates.


The currency of Australia is the Australian Dollar and Cents.

The Dollar comes in notes of denomination 5, 10, 50 and 100, whilst the Coins are available in 5,10,20,50 cents, 1AUSD and 2AUSD.

Australia is the first country to introduce plastic currency in the form of polymer banknotes, as far back as in the 1880s – a world’s first. These notes have since been known to offer benefits such as security as well as easier handling, hardiness and recycling possibilities. This again underlines Australia’s prowess in ingenuity and leadership.

Accommodation In Australia

Most universities and colleges can provide accommodation on or near to their campus. University apartments, residential colleges and halls of residence are generally available.

International students often enjoy staying at the halls of residence as they have opportunity to mix with many other students on a full-time basis. This is also one of the cheapest options for accommodation. Meals and some cleaning services are usually provided.

Residential colleges provide accommodation with meals. They are slightly more expensive than university Halls of Residence. The facilities are more comprehensive and often include fully serviced rooms, sporting and recreation facilities, computer and internet access and sometimes a library.

International students have the option of sharing accommodation with other students. They are able to share the rent on an apartment or a flat close to the campus. Some Australian families provide homestay accommodation for international students. It is often wise for a student to organise temporary accommodation until they have had a chance to consider the alternatives.

Institutions maintain a register of families prepared to board international students during the academic year. They check to ensure that homestay families are reputable and that they offer accommodation of a reasonable standard. Farmstay accommodation is often available in rural areas. This is an exciting option for students wishing to experience a farming lifestyle.

Lifestyle In Australia

Clean, Safe, Cosmopolitan

Students from all over the world come to Australia to take advantage of our top-notch education and enjoy our friendly hospitality and cultural diversity. Australia has low crime rates and strict gun control laws providing a safe environment in which to learn and travel. With one of the highest standards of living in the world, Australia offers modern transport systems, convenient telecommunications, cosmopolitan shopping complexes and excellent medical services.

Visitors from many parts of the world are attracted by Australia’s spectacular natural environment and the warmth of the Australian people. Australia is rich in the arts and is keen to preserve and display its diverse culture.

Australians are also environmentally conscious and keen to preserve the country’s natural beauty and scenery. Our Clean Up Australia campaign is being adopted worldwide.