To many it’s a dream, few make it come true!

In India, Medicine is among one of the best-sought professions. It is a profession in which many parents or any other person would want to pursue as their career.

Currently, the MBBS seats in India are 70,978 in 529 colleges. Out of this, 269 are Government colleges offering 35688 seats, while the other 260 colleges are private colleges offering 35290 seats.

The Medical education system in India, over the years, has been one of the prime concerns of the people of India. There are only a few Government Medical seats available in India. Few of the students manage to clear the entrance tests as it is one of the toughest National Level Medical entrance exams. Others who cannot clear the tests, look for other options. The increasing demand for Medical Education in India and fewer seats at the Government Medical colleges leads to the other option in which the students have to look for the admissions in the private Institutions. However, most of the students cannot afford the tuition fees in India as the Donations in the private Universities are very high.

Another reason that some of the Indian Private Medical Institutions failed to produce high standard Medical education is because of the lack of full-time qualified doctors. Lack of modern infrastructures in the institutes and also the research facilities are less. These are an integral part of the Medical education. Lack of these infrastructures affects the learning process of the students. With the emerging diseases, new treatment and modern technologies are required to keep up with the Medical Education system in India.

In all these situations, some of the Foreign medical institutes paves the way to the Indian Students to pursue MBBS from Abroad. The Medical Universities abroad offers various courses with affordable university fees and hostel fees. These Universities offer high-standard Medical education and they are also recognized and approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Some of the countries that offer the program of MBBS in Abroad are Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Kazakhstan, and many other countries. The Universities in these countries are recognized by the major Medical organizations of the world.